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Leafcutter Bee Attractant | A minimum, 25% of the female Leafcutter bees (only female pollinate) that emerge from their nests, will disperse from the intended pollination site (nest site). Dispersal can be greater (over 50%) when pre-emerged, live bees are used rather than being allowed to emerge in the nest. “Rocky Pond’s Leafcutter Bee Attractant” encourages the bees to return to the nesting structure you have provided and to make a nest in the structure. With the Leafcutter Bee attractant sprayed on the front of your nest, it should increase completed nesting tubes by double and a little more. If heavy rainfall during the first two weeks a second application may be necessary.

No Bee House should be without it!

Made in the USA of All Natural Ingredients! Completely safe for the Leafcutter Bees!

Stop application once the first bees arrive.

Keep out of reach of children.

Mason Bee Attractant