Mason Bee House Kit

Mason Bee House Kit


A Mason Bee House kit is designed for hands-on learning for you, your children, or your grandchildren. The Mason Bee / Blue Orchard Bee (BOB) does not sting and the mason Bee House Kits contain everything you need to start raising Mason Bees.
Mason Bee/Orchard Bee Nesting Kit


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Mason bees are for sale separately you can find that here “Buy Mason Bees”, but this Mason Bee Home is a better value. These bee houses are reusable for many years. After each season you must remove your Mason Bee cocoons and clean the Mason Bee nesting site, it is easy to do with these reusable Mason Bee houses.

Many of our children are in remote online learning. Mason bees or better known as “BOB) Blue Orchard Bees are wonderfully adapted to home and backyard gardens. Gardens are abuzz with activity. Plants are growing and bees are pollinating. In your garden, the kids can use all 5 senses. Raising Mason Bees is a hands-on learning experience.

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The kit also includes 20 Mason Bee cocoons and a spray bottle of attractant. For Instructions see our brochure here “Mason Bee Guide.”

If you use Kraft paper nesting tubes, your mason bees are not protected from predator wasps and Kraft paper tubes are a bitc* to clean. If you don’t clean them the following year, you’ll lose your bees to mold and pollen mites. Bamboo tubes are safer but even harder to clean, and neither are reusable.

Completely safe for the Mason Bees!

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April 2024, May 2024

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