Leafcutter Bee House Kit

Leafcutter Bee House Kit


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A leafcutter bee house kit contains 100 Leafcutter Bees, 1 Leafcutter Bee Block and Leafcutter Bee attractant. The Leafcutter bee house kit is ideal for a Kinder Garden and is designed for hands-on learning for you, your children, or your grandchildren. Leafcutter Bees do not sting and the Leafcutter Bee house kit contains everything you need to start raising Leafcutter Bees.
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Leafcutter bees are for sale separately you can find that here Buy Leafcutter Bees, but this Leafcutter Bee Home is a better value. These bee houses are reusable for many years. Every other season you must remove your Leafcutter Bee cocoons and clean the Leafcutter Bee nesting site, it is easy to do with these reusable Mason Bee houses.

Many of our children are in remote online learning. Leafcutter bees are wonderfully adapted to home and backyard gardens. Gardens are abuzz with activity. Plants are growing and bees are pollinating. In your garden, the kids can use all 5 senses. Raising Mason Bees is a hands-on learning experience.


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The kit also includes 100 Leafcutter Bee cocoons, a nest block, and a spray bottle of attractant. For Instructions see our brochure here Leafcutter Bee guide

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