3 Leafcutter Bee Reusable Houses

3 Leafcutter Bee Reusable Houses


3 Leafcutter Bee Reusable Houses


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Leafcutter Bees (Megachile rotundata), universally recognized as America’s Garden Bee. Leafcutters are superior, stingless native pollinators for Urban yards and vegetable gardens.

A single Leafcutter Bee can replace more than A Hundred Honeybees

Leafcutter queens are prolific mothers. A single Leafcutter queen can lay 30-40 eggs each pollination season; in cocoons made with green leaves; knitted together with silk thread.

Leafcutter bee cocoons

An order of 100 leafcutter bee cocoons will pollinate a 20×20 garden and provide 30-40 queens, each needing 2-3 nesting holes.

Bee nesting block

A Rocky Pond Nursery nesting block can provide a nursery with 24 nesting holes; room for 8-12 leafcutter queens. If your nesting holes fill up, your Leafcutter queens will be forced to abandon the nesting site and disperse to another nursery site.

If you order three blocks with your leafcutter bees, your order ships free.

Your nesting blocks are a one-time purchase, and they can be reused for many years and are cleanable, providing a thriving population of Leafcutter bees for years to come.

Nesting Blocks do not come with attractant.
Attractant must be ordered separately.

Bee In Rain

One more thing a raindrop weighs as much as a Leafcutter bee. You will need to provide cover from the wind and rain.

Protect bees from rain.

Something simple like this example, even a small plastic bucket attached to a fence post, will work. Just face the opening toward the morning sun.

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