Leafcutter bees for sale

Leafcutter bees for sale

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Leafcutter Bees for Sale


With a purchase of a hundred of these bees, you can effectively pollinate a garden space as large as 20×30 feet, which is equivalent to 600 square feet.

The Leafcutter bee or Leaf Cutter bees, there seems to be an ongoing discussion of how to spell Leafcutter, but regardless of spelling, you need them to pollinate your summer garden.

leafcutter bee pollinated tomatoes

Leafcutter bees will pollinate peppers, cucumbers, pumpkins, squash, zucchini, Marionberries, strawberries, melons, tomatoes, and much more.

A few of these garden favorites, like tomatoes or corn, are called self-pollinating, but leafcutter bees will Increase yield in tomatoes by 25% through bigger tomatoes and better quality.

Leafcutter bees don’t Sting. Leafcutter bees don’t need mud like Mason Bees, but Leafcutter bees need leaves and a  temperature of 75-100 degrees F to pollinate. So if you are in a warm climate and have sand instead of mud,- Leafcutter bees are your ticket.

Leafcutter bees are extraordinary pollinators. One Leaf Cutter bee can replace a hundred honey bees.

Unlike Mason Bees, Leafcutter bee cocoons have a male to female ratio of 2 or 3 male leafcutter bees to 1 female leafcutter bee. It is not uncommon for Leafcutter bee cocoons to have four male leafcutter bees to one female leafcutter bee.

So we need to provide you with more Leafcutter bee cocoons per set than in Mason Bees.

You are buying females, whether Mason Bees or Leafcutter bees; the females pollinate, the males breed, and then die.

If it is less than 70 degrees F outside, let your Leafcutter bee cocoons stay inside your house for 18 days, then either put them in your refrigerator until you are ready to put them out. If it is 70 degrees F plus most days, take them outside to your Leafcutter bee nest, where they will take an additional one to two weeks to hatch.

If you are pollinating early crops like fruit and nuts, or when temperatures range from 50-85 degrees, you’ll need Mason bees.

You will need nesting blocks and leafcutter bee attractant.

You can buy our Leafcutter bee blocks houses/nests here: https://www.rockypondnursery.com/product/leafcutter-bee-house/

Leafcutter Attractant so they can find home: https://www.rockypondnursery.com/product/leafcutter-bee-attractant/

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