Flower preference in Mason Bees

Mason Bees have a preference for certain flowers and fruit blossoms.

Mason Bees love fruit trees, apple, cherry, plum, pear, and blueberries, just to name a few. The problem is two-fold, Mason Bees are sometimes out and working before the fruit trees or bush in the case of blueberries began to blossom.

There is a need to bridge the gap between when the Mason Bee starts to forage for pollen and nectar and when fruit trees start to blossom. The second problem is that fruit trees bloom for only two weeks or so and the Mason Bees live for six to eight weeks.

Wild Mustard

Mustard is the answer to both issues. Specifically wild mustard. Wild mustard begins to bloom very early in the spring thereby providing Mason Bees with the food and nectar they need until fruit trees blossom.

Rocky Pond Nursery wild mustard is a blend of three species of wild mustard—this is of critical importance.

Each species of wild mustard blooms at slightly different times throughout the spring. Thereby providing nectar and pollen early and late in the spring.

Even if your fruit trees are done blooming, our wild mustard blend is still in bloom, Rocky Pond Wild Mustard blend will bloom throughout the entire life span of your Mason bees.

Researchers discovered that when the mason bees were “only” offered mustard, their offspring had the highest survival rate and body mass. This also led to the highest fraction of females in the offspring.