Total Bee Pollination Package/ Bee House Kit

Total Bee Pollination Package/ Bee House Kit


Pollination is so much more than bigger apples, more tomatoes; it is part of a three-piece dilemma, a puzzle that will make you and your family live longer, healthier, and free of many modern lifestyle diseases.

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Your Bee House Kit will include 20 mason bee cocoons in an emergence tube, a mason bee nesting block, a Mason Bee Attractant, and 100 Leafcutter bee cocoons in an emergence tube, a Leafcutter bee nesting block, and a Leafcutter Bee Attractant. We will ship everything on the date you choose for sending your Mason Bees except your Leafcutter bees; they will ship later: on a date of your choosing.

The kit will also contain two-color brochures with instructions, one  Mason Bee Guide, and another brochure for Leafcutter bees. If you do not have a permanent bee house already, here are some simple suggestions. The goal is to provide shelter for your bee nesting block.

Native bee house

Examples of Mason Bee House shelters

The Bee House Kit bees will provide saturation-pollination of about a 25X30 (750 Sq Ft) of garden space.

Bees can range up to 400 hundred feet, but research has shown that they prefer to stay within 100 feet of their nesting site.

We believe in optimal pollination, which you can only obtain with native bees like Mason Bees, also known as Orchard bees, and Leafcutter bees. The nutritional value of your fruits and vegetables will increase due to the best possible pollination by an estimated 43%.

Citrus crops contain more than 90% of vitamin C, the whole quantity of lycopene, and almost the total quantity of the antioxidant’s carotenoids and antioxidants, the majority of the lipid, calcium, and fluoride, a large portion of folic acid, and vitamin A.

Vitamin A deficiency is one of the most widespread deficiencies worldwide and is responsible for up to 500,000 annual cases of irreparable blindness in children worldwide [15]. Diets high in carotenoids are protective against cancer; lycopene has shown suppression of tumor incidence in vivo studies [23]. A large part of the dietary vitamin E is present in plants that require pollination. The central role of vitamin E is as an antioxidant; elevated intakes are associated with lower cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk.

Adding one more thing; will turn your garden into a Victory Garden. I’ll add a blog post soon on the subject. We all understand supplementing with vitamins and minerals, is a healthy thing but supplements are only marginally effective. Elevated vitamin and mineral content in the foods we eat are the keys.

Our gardens are our medicine chest. The fruits and vegetables your garden produces will become superfoods that will lengthen your life.

Spring mason bees are super pollinators of plums, cherries, apples, blueberries, strawberries, and anything else that blooms in the spring.

Our spring mason bees are gentle solitary bees who use moist clay-rich mud to build their protective nest chamber walls.

Summer leafcutter bees are fantastic pollinators of tomatoes, peppers, squash, melons, and peas.

Our summer leafcutter bees are gentle solitary bees who use soft, pliable leaves like those of rose, hosta, lilac, pea, bean, and strawberry to build their protective leafy cocoons.

You can see an intelligent design here, mason bees use mud to build during the rainy season, and leafcutter bees use leaves in the drier summers.

The unique mix of bees allows your pollination season to stretch from the first blossoms of spring to the last blooms of Summer.

Mason bees are for sale separately. You can find that here, “Buy Mason Bees,” Leafcutter bees are sold separately. You can find them here Buy Leafcutter bees, but this Pollination package is a better value. These bee houses are reusable for many years. After each season, you must remove your Mason Bee cocoons/Leafcutter Bee cocoons and clean the nesting site, and it is easy to do with these reusable Mason Bee houses. One more thing…

Many of our children are in remote online learning. Mason bees or better known as “BOB) Blue Orchard Bees are wonderfully adapted to home and backyard gardens. Gardens are abuzz with activity. Plants are growing, and bees are pollinating. In your garden, the kids can use all 5 senses. Raising Mason Bees is a hands-on learning experience.

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