Mother nature keeps ticking, no matter what the state of the pandemic.

Mason Bees and the Corona Virus

Today is the first day of spring.  And food production will be a priority regardless of the progress of COVID-19 – Mason Bees, Honeybees and Leafcutter bees will be busy pollinating crops. Food production is a high priority to ensure that populations can stay healthy and robust in the face of the pandemic. Mason bees and other pollinators work is ramping up as growing seasons begin from coast to coast, starting in the south and moving north as the days get warmer. Rocky Pond Nursery will keep doing everything we can to support our pollinators, growers and victory gardens, all are critical to feeding our society in the days and months ahead.

Thanks to all the farmers and Mason bees who are working hard from before sunup to sunset – because of their work and dedication, the world’s population will continue to get the food they need. 

The agricultural sector survived two world wars, the dust bowl, and the Great Depression – it will get through COVID-19. we hope you, your families, and your communities all stay protected and well through these concerning times.